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Definition updates cause fans to Whine Loudly...!

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Even with Win firewall my CPU fan whines (not as bad as with OA or PFW), after "EAM does a definition update"!-

If my POP3 Windows Live Mail is open (sandboxie... not as bad), it becomes Very slow/unresponsive/crashes (Stops Working)/Loud whine, after update.

If I install/upgrade any program... before rebooting (after def update), fan gets Loud! Another reboot after, is also required or whine (even with no def update).

Doing any installation... on cold-startup is often corrupted, and IE/FF is slow until after a reboot (I wait 15min before reboot).

If I'm going to run WLM email/ computer maintenance..., I first turn EAM updates off until done. Then do another reboot 15min after update.



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There are a few reasons why your computer's fans would be making a lot of noise. One could be bearing damage that causes noise when the fans spins faster, another could be too much dust in the fans, and there's also the possibility of an electrical issue.

A bearing issue cannot be fixed, however if you have a good silicon based lubricant then many fans have a way to add lubricant in order to extend the lifespan of the fans.

If it's just dust, then that can be removed with a can of compressed air.

A power issue can usually be solved by plugging your computer in through a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Most UPS units will filter power, and this can help with a lot of issues (I've seen computers perform better when connected to a UPS, speakers emit less static when the volume was turned up, and various other small improvements when plugged in to a UPS).

Of course, even if any of those suggestions resolve the issue you are experiencing, I'm sure you'll still be wondering why the update process causes the fans to make noise. It's possible that some extra processing power is required for the updates, and this can cause the processor to heat up a little bit, which causes the fans to spin faster. How much your processor heats up depends on what processor your computer has and how good the heatsink and airflow inside the computer are.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Found the problem!-

It wasn't a cpu/mbo/HD heat problem, per easy to read free CPU-Z (cpuid, 32 & 64)-


Reading negative Newegg user reviews, on my new Antec ATX 300 desktop case?-

Several users complained that this case makes a Loud resonating noise from "HD's"!

I then called my ZT Computer Tech support, they confirmed that they had several case noise complaints, and they will be replacing it hopefully by summer...

Other thoughts-

This is a highly rated/inexpensive "cooling" case for gamers/power users, so I guess I'll live with it until something better comes along...?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!? :unsure:

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... Antec ATX 300 desktop case...

You mean this case? It doesn't have silicon or rubber pads for mounting the hard drives, so noise from vibration is always a possibility. Supposedly, installing your hard drives into the 5.25" bays with something such as this should dampen the vibration. There should be other kits for the 5.25" bays that will as well, however nothing is coming up in a quick search. One of the problems with using the 5.25" drive bays this way is that the hard drives will not be in front of the fans, so you'd need a 5.25" hard drive kit that comes with a fan to ensure proper cooling.

Something easier might be to just buy some silicon or rubber pads, and use them to prevent the hard drives and their screws from touching the case. Another way, which is not necessarily a great idea, is to use a double-sided foam tape (the stuff with the heavy-duty adhesive) to stick the hard drives to the bottom of the case. Just make sure not to rip the labels on the hard drives, as hard drive manufacturers will refuse to honor the warranty if they believe you have tried to take the hard drive apart.

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