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password protection & Firewall status window problem

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I set password in Online Armour Premium. Then I check for 'enable autolock' and 'lock gui now'. After that I click on OA Firewall status in the tray. The firewall status window appears but there are no entry under Program, local address , remote address or state. Only 'Country' entries are there. I am unable to close the window. I can use my pc as usual. I have to restart. Then it works. The password protection is there and the status window shows everything it should show and also closes.

If I keep the two options 'enable autolock' and 'llock gui now' unchecked then the the firewall staus window shows everything under Program, local address, remote address and state. It also closes normally.

So this is problem. Can someone please kindly help me?

Best Wishes,


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I can't seem to reproduce this here but perhaps someone else will be able to. When I set a password and choose "Enable autolock' and 'Lock GUI now', the Firewall Status window doesn't exhibit any display problems and also closes like usual.

I assume you are running the latest version of OA, Does the problem reoccur for you everytime you use "Enable autolock' and 'Lock GUI now'?

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I can only think it is some kind of software conflict as like catprincess, I don't see this either on xp.

Perhaps to get to the bottom of it you may have to do some troubleshooting such as disabling or uninstalling (as a temporary measure of course) some of your other security software.

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