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I down loaded the Emergency Kit yesterday from the Emsisoft website. When I went to run it, first I got the warning message about "Unknown Publisher". I did eventually see the UAC window with the verified publisher. Anyone know why that may have happened? I am still getting the Unknown Publisher message on the Commandline scanner which I have not run.

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EmergencyKitScanner.bat is a windows batch file, and a windows batch file is never signed. Therefore the publisher can not be verified. It's basically a text file with instructions and a .bat extension.

cd Run
start a2emergencykit.exe

If you start the menu with start.exe (which is signed) and select "Emergency Kit Scanner", then start.exe will open EmergencyKitScanner.bat and follow the instructions in EmergencyKitScanner.bat which are; Go to the Run directory and start a2emergencykit.exe (which is also signed).

So, if you'd like to skip the menu, open the Run directory, start a2emergencykit.exe and you won't see the 'publisher could not be verified message'.

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