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Online Armor free crashing PC

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Last week, after updating to Online Armor 5.5, my computer began giving me the blue screen of death when OA started up. I eventually had to start windows in safe mode and uninstall OA to get the computer to start normally. When I redownloaded and reinstalled OA, the exact same thing happened and I had to go through the whole process again.

Any Ideas?

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Do you have the minidump from the BSOD? They are usually kept in C\Windows\Minidump.

If you still have it I'm sure our devs would like to see it.

You can reply to this post clicking on the 'more reply options' button which will allow you to upload it. (can't remember at the moment if you may need to zip if first before uploading.)

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If you received the Flash player files from a trustworthy source, you can trust those files in OA > Programs.

If the Flash player install or upgrade was offered on a random site, it's possible that the install/upgrade files are used to install malware.

For that reason the signature is blacklisted. This wil be handled differently in the next OA release.

A good writeup about this issue with signed installers installing rootkits can be found here in McAfee blog.

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