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How do pass GRC'S Leaktest ?

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Does anyone know why I could be failing Leaktest ? (It tests for outbound traffic protection by mimicking a trojan)

On using it i get:

"LeakTest was not prevented from connecting to the Gibson Research web server. You either have no firewall, you have deliberately allowed LeakTest to connect outbound, or (if neither of those), LeakTest has just slipped past your firewall's outbound "protection", if any."

The instructions said not to allow any popup that might occur asking to connect (I didnt).

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Online Armor should show a popup when you start the test.

If you choose to trust the file, it's also allowed to connect to the internet. (See: Options > Firewall)

If you only allow the program to start, a new popup should show when the program tries to connect to the internet.

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You got popups and I got none. Not on executing it and not on pressing the test button. Could it be because I executed it from a folder I saved it to (a folder where i keep downloads) rather than where you executed it from? (documents and settings\user\..)

I looked all through my permissions in OA, I don't see leaktest anywhere with any trust or rules and I don't have allow trusted programs to automatically access internet checkmarked.

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Please check in Online Armor > Programs if leaktest.exe is listed there. Disable the 'Hide trusted' option.

If it's not listed there, is the download folder excluded in Online Armor? Does Online Armor history show anything related to this leaktest?

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I'm sorry to have wasted your time, there was an exclusion there from back when OA had antivirus and I didnt think it was neccesary to keep re-scanning my zip folder. Thank you so much, because I doubt that would have occurred to me to look in there. OA passes the leaktest now :)

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