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Hello peereli,

Could you please provide information requested at http://support.emsis...pport-requests/ ?

As about the problem - there should be reason for any activity, so do you have your other security software excluded in OA and vice versa?

Thank you in advance,

Thank you for you reply Andrey.

I refer to the latest OA free edition version, Operating sys: Win xp sp3-32bit, Security applications: Avast version 7,

Sandboxie 3.64, Other sytem applications: Prolasso, Cleanmem V2.3.2 Default browser: Pale moon version 11.0.1

Hope that gives you some clue. Thanks again.

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Thank you for the info.

Could you please tell me if you set the exclusions for the SandboxIE in OA, exclusions for OA in Avast, etc?

Thank you in advance,

Andrey, are you recommending that the "Sandboxie folder" (in "program files") be excluded within Online Armor? I'd never read that advice previously.

I know that Sandboxie has a configuration setting to make it more compatible with Online Armor, however.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. Perhaps this is something I'd overlooked with my own high CPU issues while running OA on my system over the past year or more.

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Okay, nevermind: I reloaded OA to run a few tests...tried both excluding Sandboxie and not excluding Sandboxie as well as running the browser within and outside of Sandboxie. The (high) CPU issues remained regardless. Guess I'm just going to have to finally face up and admit to the fact that OA no longer plays nicely on this system as configured. Thankfully, EAM does not exhibit any of the same issues even with all guards enabled so I should be able to continue with it for the foreseeable future on my XP Pro SP3 machine.

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