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Question about Online Armor

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Hello, I recently installed Online Armor Free. So far so good, but I've noticed one thing in the History

Created: 03/05/12 17:17:19

Summary: Program Guard: kernel event

Description: OADriver: OB_OPERATION_HANDLE_CREATE, 1480 -> 2720, Mask: 1F1FFF - 1F1414

Event type: Kernel event(26)

Event action: None(1)


PID: 1480 Name: SuRun.exe

PID: 2720 Name: oaui.exe

SuRun is a program that let's a Standard User Account have increased usability (For example, having programs automatically run elevated)

I've already included all exe of Online Armor to SuRun.

My guess is that it's normal, but would it affect performance? (For example if it's continuously blocking the attempt/(I really don't know what is happening)

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