MS Windows Service Center Scam!- Will Infect your computer...!

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A persuasive guy with a thick India accent called me this morning claiming he was calling from MS Windows Service Center-

their server had detected that my computer IP was infected with 1,119 viruses!

ALL my red warning flags went off at this point, but I played along just to see (he had my full name?)!!!?-

He then has me go to their legit "Looking" MicroWindow Support website (I did all this in virtual/safe sandboxie!), and download a small 652kb .exe file.

At this point I submitted this file to, and got 6/42 hits, so I opened it in sandboxie?

It immediately wanted Admin Privilege (NOT!), and I asked him why?

He says so he can interactively get on my computer, and get rid of the viruses.

I said "NO WAY am I going to let you take control of my computer", and hung-up!


I then did a Google Search, and per MS Answers website?-

They install viruses on your computer, then charge you $80AU to get rid of them...!


I submitted the .exe to EAM, and now I'm going to run all my demand/on-demand virus scans as my computer is acting up...!?

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Reminds me of some of the scams that Steven Burn used to have fun researching and reporting to the authorities. ;)

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Speaking of Steven, apparently he's going to do a presentation about these scam artists at VB2012. It should be worth listening to, since he's been collecting information on them since some time in 2008.

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