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Smart Scan scans same folder twice

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I ran a scheduled scan early this morning (5/14). As usual anti-malware ran a "Smart Scan". When I looked at the report, among the objects scanned were "C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files". Why does Smart Scan scan the same folder twice. Puzzled. :wacko:

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On 18 June, the Smart Scan report contained, "Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files". Last night's (24 July), the Smart Scan report contains, "Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\". Sheep Expert's comments on 14 May were correct, "Perhaps if you are on 64bit operating system it is scanning C:\program Files (x86) for your 32bit programs, and C:\Program Files for your 64bit programs." It appears that a developer finally corrected the report content. Thanks for the help.

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