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Using Security Software To Scan Data

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Greetings all,

For future reference follow these guidelines when using any security Software to scan data:

1) Always save any reports from the scan results screen

2) Never quarantine/delete anything identified without thoroughly investigating the files and the name of the detection

Quarantining is a process where files and/or registry entries are physically removed from their original location and are moved into a 'safe-zone'. They are encrypted and are unable to be accessed until restored or deleted. Sometimes security software falsely identifies important crucial system components as a threat (hence the term False Positives - FP).

Removing/deleting critical system files, even temporarily, can make a system crash. Sometimes the system will recover after a reboot, and sometimes it will not. Therefore, you may not be able to start your system. Special system restore measures may be needed, or even a full system re-installation.

3) Pay special attention to the items detected in such vital areas as C:\ ; C:\WINDOWS\ ;

C:\Windows\System32\ ; etc.

4) It is always better to be safe - whenever you install security software always set the detection actions to alert you and ask you what you want to do.

Disable the action to automatically quarantine or delete detected items

(such as “auto-healing”)

If detections are FP's, you run the risk of rendering your system inoperable.

If you are uncertain, get on a forum and ask for assistance before quarantining or deleting.

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