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A-Squared and Mamutu

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... Funny how the mind, or at least memory, works!

You are welcome... and you are right about the mind & the memory

Recently in another forum I posted the thing that was "close to the topic" but not precisely related, so later I had to admit:

Not everything goes smoothly in the brains area when it's "too late at night", which is equal to "too early in the morning"

Cheers! :D

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By the way, I wanted to share this with you. A friend of mine who knows I use A-Squared on this machine (A Lenovo with Windows Vista 32-bit OS), and who is a huge fan of Super AntiSpyware, insisted that I download the full trial of the latter and run a deep scan. He was confident that after the scan Super AntiSpyware would find objects that were never identified by A-Squared. He came over to my house, I downloaded Super Antispyware, and I conducted the deep scan. We waited for the scan to finish, and then we checked the results. The result of the scan disappointed my friend. All that it found was two insignificant cookies which I picked up since the last A-Squared scan.

I uninstalled Super AntiSpyware. It was superfluous.

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we are going a bit offtopic but it's OK since the main matter was clarified ;)

Thanks for sharing that with me and with all users but I am not surprised personally compare to your friend.

Many solutions that are “staying at the top" can bring some goodies.

Some may be better in removing specific threads (none can remove all and that will never happen);

some can bring results when identifying active infections...;

some can be just a little bit faster about zero-days but nothing more than that.. etc.;

All are capable of producing FPs,...

... but regarding the the detection rate as it stands now a-squared is the best and nobody can deny that.

Tested with SAS & MBAM (I can name others) quite a few times on badly infected PCs ...

a-squared is way ahead in detections

Sure ShadowPuterDude can tell more and give more professional analysis of the situation


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