Repeated popups for Mixesoft Click&Clean Plug-In for Chrome

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I am having the exact same issue.

Maybe I should exclude the npccch32.dll file from OA?

I'm on Win7 using OAFree

I don't really feel like installing a beta.


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Or turn off program guard.

Or uninstall OA and go back to Windows firewall or any of the other firewalls available.

Or keep clicking on the prompt every time Click&Clean loads.


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Aha! I fixedit!

By turning off Program Guard, the yellow "Program is an installer" status changed to the peach-colored "Program is an unknown".

I could then change it to Trust.

Previously, none of the options in the menu worked when it was under the yellow status... clicking on Trust had no effect.

But with Program Guard turned off, I could change the status to Trust.

I turned Program Guard back on and no more pop-ups.

Pats self on back.


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