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Last update 4 days ago

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  • Update Emisoft almost every day or every other day.
  • Lately on the main panel (start page) it says "last update - 4 days ago" - this never changes.
  • I uninstalled Emisoft Anti-Malware and then re-installed it but the message stays the same ("last update 4 days ago").

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  • Using Emisoft Anti-Malware - free version.
  • I update "manually" every day or every other day.
  • The "last update" caption is not changing.
  • Right now it says "Last update 5 days ago".
  • Tomorrow it will say "last update 6 days ago".
  • It never reverts to "Last update one day ago" the way it used to in the past.

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Download the cleaning utility Emsiclean to your desktop.

Run the EmsiClean.exe file on your desktop, with Windows Vista and 7 start the program as administrator.

Select all the files and objects and click on "Remove selected objects"

If the cleaning is done reboot the computer.

Now on your desktop there is a logfile "EmsiClean_Date_Time". Attach this file please.

Use the button "More Reply Options" (right below) to attach the file to your posting.

Reinstall Emisoft Anti-Malware again.



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  • Used EmsiClean as directed.
  • Attaching EmsiClean as requested.
  • Thanks.
  • It cleared up briefly before this:
  • Sometimes the update would "hang up" and look it was not going to download
  • I would then terminate the programme and do a manual update.
  • Speculating that doing this over and over again might have contributed to the problem.

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  • I use
    • Norton AntiVirus with Antispyware paid edition 2012
    • SuperAntispyware free edition

    [*]The problem is not really solved.

    [*]Previously I uninstalled Emisoft using Revo Uninstaller

    [*]then re-installed it from CNET Download..com

    [*]maybe this was an older version

    [*]recently noticed that the new version from the Emisoft site is

    [*]thought problem was solved with the new version ( but when I switched from automatic setting to manual update setting the problem came back - even after I perform a new manual update and switch view back main page Security Status it still says last update 1 day ago

    [*]think I will wait until this trial version runs out in 28 days and then will have to live with the old problem

    [*]after it builds up to saying "last update" 6 days ago it sometimes magically reverts to the correct "last update" caption.

    [*]I don't want to continually keep uninstalling the product and then re-installing it because I only have a limited amount for downloads from my internet service provider.

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  • then re-installed it from CNET Download..com

CNET almost Never has the latest EAM versions, were Often corrupted, but they do sometimes offer good license deals!

Download EAM from here!-


Did you whitelist All EAM processes in Norton?


Do you have Windows Defender Completely disabled!?

Windows Defender played havoc with EAM... on my computers, and is virtually worthless!-

It never finds/stops anything, and Really slows/stops some processes!

Just Disabling WD does Not stop it from still monitoring/slowing most Everything, while running in the background!

To "completely" disable WD, you Must disable All of it's processes (Windows All)-

You have to temp enable WD, & open All left Menu Options. Now un-tick Every option on the right...

Some options have to be disabled from bottom up..., to get the grayed checks. Also scroll down, as some are off the page.

Open services.msc (in the Start Search box...), and be sure that WD is Disabled.


You will be Amazed at how much faster, and less problematic your your system is!

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