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I have to say at this point I am extremely disappointed in the support I've received. I had another issue which I sought support in the forums for and over a week with no reply gave up. This is my last attempt to resolve my renewal issue.

I tried to renew Online Armor a number of times before my license expired. I kept getting a message that my renewal was denied a from Cleverbridge. I contacted my credit card, They said no transaction was attempted, it was not their end. I tried contacting Cleverbridge support. I received no reply. I continued trying to renew even after the expiry date. I emailed emsisoft support and emsisoft sales. No one has ever replied. This was all about three months ago. We were caring for my elderly father-in-law which ate up a lot of our real life time. He finally passed away this last week and I'm now back giving one last attempt to renew.

I've been an Online Armor Premium customer for 3 years with licenses for three computers. I was trying to renew for three computers, for three years. If I have to start over at ground zero after being a renewing customer for three years, and you can't help me renew at the discounted volume price after being a loyal customer, I guess I will have to go shopping for alternate firewall.

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Dear amspeedy,

I'm sorry to hear you encountered such a bad experience with our customer support.

Please could you send me a mail directly to 'to (AT) emsisoft (DOT) com' with the email address of you account in our customer center ?

I will have a look in your account then and help you as good as I can to renew without any further disadvantage.

Please don't worry, you don't have to start over at ground zero.

I will help you to renew at the discounted volume price.

Please excuse the circumstances so far.

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