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What are the new components downloaded

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Often there is the systray alert of some new components of OA being downloaded and installed. I suppose they are basic enhancements to the program structure? Threat signatures , I can understand but there are no clues about the new components in OA changelogs.

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Hi trujwin,

The "new version of Online Armor components" message will appear when the threat database is updated as well as on occasions where a whole new version of OA is downloaded..

I believe each is a separate message clearly indicated as threat database or new components. Components might have to do with OA program structure?

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There are two messages but the components message will be shown even when a threat database update occurs without a program update. You can see this by right clicking the OA icon and choosing "Check for Updates" - > Signatures and Rules Only. This action involves no updates to the program structure itself, only the signatures it uses (threat database, rules etc) but you will see a components message as well as a threat database message when doing this.

As a side note, all updates to the program itself are noted on the changelog (accessible via the GUI's Status page). You can also refer to this page http://www.emsisoft.com/a2/changelog/oa/ which lists every time there is a signature update, component change etc.

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