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Is EEK updating now tied to one computer?

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Hello all hope all is well.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is my number 1 go to scanner for use on a portable USB stick however i have just been out to a friends and wanted to run a scan on his computer with it so i tried to update it first. After a while it came up with an error something along the lines of "update failed-tied to a different computer-key needs resetting" (sorry i forgot/didn`t not down the exact error).

So is EEK no tied into/must be updated from the computer or OS it was originally set up on? Or how do i sort out the key error?

Many thanks,


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Dear Mattchu,

it is a well known bug in the previous Emsisoft Emergency Kit version. A new Emsisoft Emergency Kit version will be released soon as possible. Then please replace the older Emsisoft Emergency Kit version wih the new version on your USB stick.

You can download the new version on http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/download/ soon as possible.

If you have any more questions or problems, just let us know.

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Cheers Christian your reply is much appreciated, i did a search but couldn`t see it reported elsewhere, good to know the bug has been identified and being worked on. Iv`e actually just replaced the version on my USB and it is now so hopefully all will be OK.

Just to provide some feedback on the new look, i find it a welcome improvement over the old version, it looks very professional and polished (not that the old one was bad mind :) )

Good stuff


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