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Why can't I install EAM without SP1?

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Are you running Windows 7? I ask because it says in the system info you listed that are running XP.

If you are running XP you would not be able to install SP 1 for Windows 7.

XP users have SP3 as their last service pack.

If you are unsure of which Service Pack you have just right-click on 'My Computer' and select properties. It will say there what service pack you have on the 'General' tab.

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At one time you could order the disk to be sent in the post just paying for shipping, perhaps this may be a possibility for you?



Canada and US


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Hi minegroasprilla,,

If you send me a PM with a mailing address, I've burned a DVD with Windows 7 SP1 on it (it's X64) & if you have a valid OEM version of Windows 7 serial (see the Windows Sticker on your computer for your Valid Serial Key). I can send you the DVD.

Here is how to upgrade your system without destroying or removing any of your programs installed, it works because I've used it!

Non-Destructive Windows 7 Upgrade

If you want to try to download your own DVD & burn it yourself, here is the free site to download from, although I think you said that was a problem for you http://www.mydigitallife.info/windows-7-iso-x86-and-x64-official-direct-download-links-ultimate-professional-and-home-premium/

Please let me know if I can help you,


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minegroasprilla, this is no "limitation", it's a security measure for YOUR security.

The best antivirus can't protect you if the fundamentals, the operating system is widely open for attacks. We didn't make this service pack check in the setup to nag you, but to enfore strong security basics.

It's a big download, but so is the Emsisoft Anti-Malware download. There are dozens of ways to get the latest service pack apart from downloading. Several computer magazines have it on their covermount DVDs and Steve even offered you to send the DVD by postal mail. So why do you still refuse to install it?

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