Allow EAM installation regardless of SP version

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It is noteworthy.

All anti-viruses can installed on all SPs. A large number of customers will not be able to upgrade their SP. If we want to sell products in the world should consider all the circumstances. Some may not have high-speed Internet (for example Iran is Dial-up for more than 50%). Some may have softwares that works with a special SP. Does must they pay more cost to install the EAM ?

While they can install other antiviruses without trouble.

There are many reasons for Inability to upgrade SP and this can limit our customers.

I suggest the latest service pack only intended as a warning, and it is not mandatory.

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Allowing the installation only on the latest service pack level is a security measure for your security.

The best antivirus can't protect you if the fundamentals, the operating system is widely open for attacks. We didn't make this service pack check in the setup to nag you, but to enfore strong security basics.

It's a big download, but so is the Emsisoft Anti-Malware download. There are dozens of ways to get the latest service pack apart from downloading. Several computer magazines have it on their covermount DVDs and you can order a DVD at Microsoft for small money too.

I can just recommend to those "all anti-viruses" to focus their work on improving the malware detection instead of supporting outdated operating systems. Then they would maybe be able to compete with Emsisoft's detection rates. ;)

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