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downloaded help file is corrupted

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I am attempting to update my Online Armor and receive this message:

OA: File help_ena.chm is corrupted

This occurs when I attempt to update my Online Armor installation. The update says there are 84 files to download.

OA Version:

OS Version: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Service Pack 1


I have attempted this several times and it fails each time at this file (quits the download operation completely).

Is there a way to perform this update and ignore the corrupted help file?

Secondary item: using FireFox 13, it indicates that your web site certificate is invalid.

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Your Online Armor version is severely outdated. I suggest you perform an upgrade installation instead. Just download the latest Online Armor setup from here:


After the download finished just run the setup as you would normally do. When being asked select that you want to perform an upgrade installation. This will keep your rules and settings intact but update everything else.

Regarding the SSL issue you are encountering:

Can you please check if you have both the GeoTrust Global CA and RapidSSL CA set as trusted CAs in your browser's SSL/TLS settings? Thanks.

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Thank you for the update. I have downloaded and installed the updated version from the URL that you supplied. However...

When the update was complete, it showed the licene as OA "premier edition" (under version 4, this license had some 800 days remaining; days remaining no longer shows).

When I clicked "update", there were now 103 updates to download. WOW! Version 4 only had 84.

After the downloads completed, and the re-boot finished, I am now at OA but the license shows as "free edition". WHAT??? Further, some features that I attempted to use show as restricted under the "free edition".

How did I go from a paid edition with more than 800 days remaining under version 4, to a premiere edition under version 5, to the free edition under the updated version 5 (all the same license key)?

Is somthing out of sync here? My last license update was 4/21/2010 and indicated a 730 day extension for 3 computers (was done under version 4 and at that time the update took the license out to more than 900 days).

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