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After having to reinstall EAM it does not load email scanning in OUTLOOK 2010

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My computer was attacked by the S.M.A.R.T. virus.

I was able to fix it and recover everything.

However, after the attack and recovery, EAM would not load at all so I had to uninstall it and re-install.

After I re-installed it, I noticed that my email client (OUTLOOK 2010) does not have Anti-Malware toolbar in the ribbon. It completely disappeared and I cannot re-install it.

I checked in OUTLOOK Add-Ins and it does not appear there either.

I am using WIN7 PRO and EMSISOFT

Could someone please help me and guide me as to how to reinstall the email scanning (BTW, it has been activated in the Configuration) toolbar in the OUTLOOK ribbon.

Thanking you in advanced.

Isaac K

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There may be a registry setting that is corrupt. Uninstall EAM, reboot; and then run the Emsisoft Cleaner, https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip

This will remove all traces of EAM from your system. Reinstall & activate EAM.

Email scanning enabled or still not working?

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Updated link for Emsiclean. There are now two versions (32-bit and 64-bit) bundled in a ZIP archive. Run EmsiClean64, and if you see an error message then run EmsiClean32.
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