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Issues after installing Online Armor

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Hi !

I have installed online armor (the firewall only) on two PC-s. Both are Win7 x64, and have Avira installed as an anti malware. one of them is a completely fresh installed Win7, the other one is not. The first computer has the issue that I cant log in with a remote desktop to it. Before the installation of OA I could.

And on the second one Im getting random BSOD-s which say that I should run some kind of driver verification tool or somehting so I guess there may be a problem with the OA driver. On this one the problem also didnt exist until I have installed OA. Previously I had outpost on the machine, but it made it slow down and I switched to personal firewall, which was too primitive, so I decided to try OA but now Im having these BSODS which arent really good.

Do you have an idea ?

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I have heard of issues with Remote Desktop before. You may wish to try something such as VNC for the time being.

As for the BSOD, I am not aware of any that ask you to run a driver verification tool. Please follow the instructions at this link to open the Windows Event Viewer, and under Windows Logs on the left please check the various subcategories for error reports.

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