Does Emisoft have an API/SDK that can be bought?

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I know the thread is old, but i'm new to emsi. My last tests with the comandline scanner results better results than our antivirus, so my interest is in the described SDK. Would the SDK useable in Visual Studio 2015 and as an alternativ method for scanning mails (eml) in our incomming spam-proxy. We have an all-catch account by our ISP and have to filter unwanted mails. We use a anti-virus only as a prescan, all clients in the network will stay on Trend-Micro Officescan at the moment. The SDK is only for this single client and me for developement the application to get and filter all mails from our ISP.

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I'd recommend sending an e-mail to partner@emsisoft.com to inquire about the SDK mentioned above. ;)

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