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Lost "Run Safety check Wizard" button

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Well, I run it every so often. Just to refresh all the rules. Like if I accidentally left learning mode on for to long, and thus possibly allowing unwanted even dangerous programs to run in the background. So like I said,I would run the wizard to go through my programs and make sure everything was trust worthy.

Also: Speaking of Learning mode, is there some sort of reminder that could inform me if I have left the firewall in learning mode?? I find it a real pain that it doesn't shut off. automatically I have turned it on just to install some small program, and I left it on without noticing it was on for a day or two. idk, maybe I should pay more attention, but reminder would be cool.

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You can run the wizard "manually" if you want.

Use Windows explorer or some other file-manager, go to your EAM-folder which normally is located in C:\program files\ (or C:\program files (x86) on a 64-bit system).

Then just click on a2wizard.exe...

If you want to run it often, then create a shortcut on your desktop.

"drag" the a2wizard.exe to the desktop with the right mousebutton, and create a shortcut.

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