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OnlineArmor and maven surefire plugin

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Hi All,

another slightly annoying behaviour from Online Armor is that whenever I run maven (development tool remotely similar in purpose to make) with a goal which would run a test, OnlineArmor asks me if I want to allow cmd.exe to run a module C:\Users\robvarga\AppData\Local\Temp\surefire<randomnumber>.jar where <randomnumber> is a random number (or timestamp). Since the number is always different therefore earlier trusting a differently named temporary jar file does not make a difference.

Unfortunately I can't configure an exclusion for this, as I don't want to allow running everything from my temp directory as obviously that is a security hole, and you can only specify a directory for exclusion.

Is there any way I can tell Online Armor to not jump for this?

Best regards,


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If the module has a different hash every time, unfortunately there isn't much you can do to avoid being asked about it other than using exclusions or setting the parent program as an installer (neither of which would be desirable options security wise).

Setting an exclusion if I would be able to pinpoint it more specifically than just the directory would be equivalent in security as a specific exclusion if the name was not changing.

So I think OA should provide a way to specify an exclusion not only on a directory granularity, but also something like directory + filename starting part, or something like a regex against the full path instead of the directory only (although this later can affect performance).

Thanks and best regards,


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