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Suppose I right click Firefox and then choose Open Safer. Firefox starts with a green border line. But other than this green border line how do I know that Firefox is running in RunSafer? I thought choosing RunSafer from Programs option in the main interface of OA would show programs running in RunSafer. But no matter which program I run in RunSafer although it does shows a green border, no mention in RunSafer under Programs option.

Am I not correct that programs running in RunSafer should be showing up in that option? What am I doing wrong?

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If you rightclick a program in OA Programs and choose 'Open safer' it will only RunSafer once. There's no indication in OA Programs shown for that.

If you select a program and click the "RunSafer" button, the program will RunSafer every time and the color will change to blue in OA Programs.

In Advanced mode there's also a RunSafer recommendation for several programs.

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