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Problem with Avast, OA and flashplayer

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I have this problem too, running Avast, and OA, If I shutdown OA, or disable Flashplayer-plugin in firefox, then everything works fine.

I've mutually excluded them from each othdr, and even tried Excluding Firefox (Reckless I know) but nothing has worked, and I'd prefer to avoid a Rollback solution (as was mentioned worked earlier)

That being said, can anyone tell me where to get the old version of flash? does Adobe have it on thier site?

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Thanks a lot, it's strange because it is exactly what you said earlier


What have i said ?

I have two computers running Avast, and OA, but only one of them is having this issue. Hmmm One of them is Win7 32-bit, and the one that developed the problem is Win 7 64-bit, I wonder if that is contributing?

Probably, there are many problems with compatibility on 64-bit O/S-versions.....

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