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Problem with Banking mode

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Sure, the following domains are currently on the hardcoded whitelist in the current developer version:

  • *.sun.com (updates)
  • *.microsoft.com (Smart Screen, updates)
  • *.windowsupdate.com (updates)
  • *.online-armor.com (EAMN, licensing, updates, secure DNS)
  • *.emsisoft.com (EAMN, licensing, updates)
  • *.ikarus.at (updates)

You can find the reason why they are whitelisted in the parentheses.

Forgot to mention, but there isn't any web site that I can't access while I'm in Banking Mode now and this didn't used to happen. I can go to many different forums, etc. with no problem what so ever. As I said earlier, I haven't found one yet that I can't access.

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Dear Kathy J,

Could you please send me the server.dat & fwdata.dat files (located at OA folder) via PM?

(and a short list of domains you were able to access while the should had been not accessible)

Please note that you'd need to close & shutdown OA in order to get access to these 2 files.

Thank you in advance,

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It seems the issue posted on 10th March 2012 in http://support.emsis...t-banking-mode/

hasn't been fixed yet either, so don't hold your breath Kathy J.

I'm not holding my breath but I AM hanging on to my money. My liscence has expired on the premium version so right now, I'm using the trial version hoping that they will fix it during this time. If they don't, I'm through with this product.

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