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Why am I asked about well-known programs?

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I have been running OA for quite some time, altho I did discover today that I had it pretty much all turned off - firewill, web shield, program guard, and anti-krelogger. I meant to have the last 3 off - too many prompts - but must have turned off the firewall fairly recently for something ...

Anyway, I turned it on, and was pretty quickly prompted to allow Outlook, Avast anti-virus, and Thunderbird. It said OA was unable to determine the safety of these programs, or something like that. How can that be? I run Outlok 2007, which is old ... I may have applied patches recently, but I am certainly not the first ... But let's take Tunderbird - MILLIONS of users. I am not an early adopter, using new versions before anyone else ...

Am I misunderstanding something here? Shouldn't OA know these are well-known, trusted programs?



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Just as an addendum to what hackerman1 said, I would believe that asking about common applications is still standard behavior for most firewalls. Obviously not for something such as GhostWall, but that is so out of date that you'd be better off not messing with it.

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