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High CPU usage during file transfers

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I've just come here looking for *something* about my computer's file transfers. I have just bought a NAS, and while I was copying files to it yesterday, Windows Explorer froze, stopping the file transfer. I tried the process of elimination and found that "oasrv.exe" is pegging one of my CPU cores right up to 100%. When I kill that process, the file copying starts again and finishes properly. Also, when this problem with "oasrv.exe" occurs, access to my NAS over the intranet, disappears, with Windows stating that the NAS doesn't exist. Again, when oasrv.exe is killed, the NAS comes back. I've had to stop using the Malware component of OA as it blue-screens the crap out of my system (clean Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) and now this has started to happen!? This needs to be fixed. Turning off OA each time I copy a file is not appropriate. And yes, I am a paid-up subscriber.

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