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HP products "dangerous" by Online Armor!? (And maybe help answer my query about how the *Premium* editon trial expired)

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:o Surprised I am....I just installed the free edition (well actually - I wanted to test out the *Premium* edition for 30 days to see what it was like but *apparently the trial "expired"...how's that possible?? I just installed it yesterday and just activated through the internet today!) of the latest Online Armor program yesterday and out pops a window saying HP Connection Manager is "dangerous"? Is this for real...? I've used that program so I *could* use WiFi, it also allows me to use Bluetooth... Is it really that dangerous?

I've uploaded a picture, a screenshot of it: That's what showed up after I *re-booted* for Online Armor to settle down on my laptop today at around 10pm...

Oh yeah, almost forgot; I'm running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition by the way. I hope this is the right spot for my thread...nowhere else to start it that fit the forum's description...

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Zach. :)

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If you locate hpConnectionManager.exe in the Program list and right click and choose "Scan online", does it detect anything?

About the issue you had with the trial, I'm not sure if you have ever had OA installed on this computer previously, but if so, there is only trial per machine. You don't get a new trial when a new version is released. If that isn't applicable to your situation, you'd need to talk to Emsisoft directly to see what the problem may be. You can do this by contacting [email protected] or filling in the form here https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Tickets/Submit

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