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I have a similar problem. My license expires in a week. I had not yet upgraded my software and was running v3.something. I purchased a 2 year renewal near the end of July through Cleverbridge. I came to the OA web site today to register my license number that was contained in the confirmation email I got from Cleverbridge. The system said it accepted my registration. Then I installed v5.5 after registering my license and rebooted. But it still shows my license expiring in one week, rather than 2 years from now. How can I correct this? I wasn't able to find an answer on the site so far. Thanks for any help that can be rendered.

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Please open Online Armor, select 'Options' from the menu on the left, go to the 'License' tab, and then click the link to activate another key. After selecting your license type and clicking 'Next', please copy and paste your license key into the field and continue by clicking 'Next' again. This should reactivate Online Armor and at the very least move your license key to our Customer Center where I can fix it for you if I need to.

If Online Armor is still showing the wrong license period, then please send me a private message on these forums with your license key and your Reference Number from when you purchased the extension, and I will go ahead and take a look at fixing it.

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