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Hidden process detected - cmd.exe

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From time to time, I get an annoying OA pop-up which says "Hidden process detected". The process is identified as "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe".

In the pop-up, all options are greyed out except "Ignore", which I click and the pop-up goes away, but it will come back a day or two later. I don't believe there is anything wrong with cmd.exe, and in OA Programs it is both allowed and trusted.

I have a scheduled task which runs a batch file every x minutes. In the scheduled task parameters, it is set to run under a different username and password which is not logged on, with the "Run only if logged on" box unticked, so it will run entirely in the background, as a subtask. The command in the batch file is "cmd /c start /wait xcopy.......", followed by some xcopy parameters. Could this be causing OA to report a hidden process, because the job is running without a logged on user? Is there a way to stop it, apart from turning off "Hidden processes detection"? Could cmd.exe be added to a safe list?

Windows XP SP3, fully patched, OA free, version, also running Total Defense (formerly CA) antivirus.

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I imagine that if the process doesn't appear in Task Manager, it would be detected as being a hidden process. You might want to contact Emsisoft directly for more detailed information though. You can do so by emailing [email protected] or alternatively you can use the form here https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Tickets/Submit to submit a ticket

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