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Antikeylogger works a shade late.

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While running Duplicatecleaner from Digital Volcano (Popular but not yet included in the whitelist of OA) after the essential permission alerts by OA , towards the end OA raises the keylogger flag. But by the time DCleaner had almost completed 95% of the job. Duplicate cleaner was not taking any input from the screen, wonder why OA suspects it as a possible keylogger.

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This is an excerpt from the webhelp about this:

If an Unknown program is Allowed to run and begins to act like a Keylogger then Online Armor will Block the behavior and pop-up to ask you if you want to Allow it to proceed. As many programs use these same techniques for non-malicious reasons, such as "Hot Keys", you may see detections for legitimate software that does not actually record keystrokes. We do not recommend blocking behavior of software known to be legitmate and trustworthy, as doing so may cause unpredictable problems.

As you can see from the explanation above, there are legitimate reasons why some programs may exhibit the same behaviour as keyloggers. Since Online Armor detects keyloggers based on behaviour you will sometimes see alerts for programs that are not keyloggers. Whether the program had completed 95% of it's job is not really relevant because a program can begin to exhibit keylogging behaviour at any time. If you know the program to be safe, you simply should mark it as trusted so you won't be bothered with unnecessary popups for it.

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