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Mamutu and Process Explorer

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When launching Sysinternals Process Explorer on Windows 7 64 Bit, Mamutu will alert the behaviour of procexp64.exe.

The file procexp64.exe only exists during Process Explorer runtime.

Mamutu automatically deletes rules for nonexistent files.

It's not possible to use Process Explorer without Mamutu alert on every program start. (Same goes for Process Monitor)

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Paranoid Mode causes Mamutu to ignore the digital signature from Microsoft, and report all behavior regardless of whether or not the file is known to be safe.

In this case, since Process Explorer deleted the 64-bit executable while it is closing, you could try copying it to another folder, and then you would have a backup of the file that doesn't need to be extracted from the 32-bit EXE every time you run it.

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