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Oddly named autoruns detected.

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I often receive OA warnings about autoruns, particularly when Adobe is being updated (but not allways). This morning I received the attched warning about a file named 34TL `i`Z5(M0?F($,CC!ReaderProgramFiles>fWDK6Qbnd93(S^FJi40 requested by msiexec.exe. I can't find any information about this. Are these files/processes something from Adobed that should be allowed? Something else? Any information would be appreciated.


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That weird autorun entry is indeed created by Adobe reader installer.

More info here almost at the end of the page. It's easy to make a typo with those weird names and find no information at all. Better search for a partial file name like "CC!ReaderProgramFiles" and check if the results match.

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