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I am continually having connectivity issues with the firewall connecting to my ISP (ADSL Westell 7500 modem).

Especially if i leave the computer and come back after a while it seems to have made its own rule to block me access to my internet provider.

What I see in the firewall log is

17/08/12 17:02:31 [TDI] TCP, Connect, ->, C:\Program Files\Firefx\firefox.exe(3560/4084)

[TDI] Blocked by rule: "TCP, --> firefox.exe, [80,443,51544], -(*), (session)"

It says its a session rule, I try deleting my firefox entry in programs, i tried deleting plugin-container entry, Ive looked all through the registry and firewall rules and cannot find this entry that would be blocking port 80, 443 and 51544

The only way I can seem to connect is if i turn off the firewall and allow it through.

Any idea what may be going on ?

I just put a rule in the firewall under programs for firefox to be allowed 443 and 80 .. but Just noticed another odd log, when trying to connect to Netflix with the OA firewall on. 17/08/12 18:01:12 TCP <-,

Rule not found. Packet dropped.

OA version

No other resident firewalls other than Windows Firewall running.

No TSR anti malwares or antivirus running right now (on demand) other than Windows Defender.

Windows Vista Home 32 bit.

Westell Versalink Modem/Router combo A90-750018-07

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I always keep advanced mode on. I checked all the port rules. There was only 1 thing being blocked in the port rules and it was just blocking port 135.

I just restored to an earlier set of rules and its working ok for now, though I usually always have to lower the firewall when I first connect to the internet for some reason.

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