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Anti-Malware conflicts with Microsoft Office 2010

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Since installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware (latest updated version) I have been experiencing considerable problems with my Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. I have also noticed some problems with other software.

(1) Microsoft Outlook 2010 starts to load but hangs when it reaches the processing stage. I have been unable to access my emails.

(2) Microsoft Excel and Word 2010 load but clicking on the file tab does not reveal the menu.

(3) Many context sensitive menus just hang after right clicking. (This also happens to some files and folders in Windows Explorer.)

(4) After loading, Office applications have to be forced to shut down and even if they disappear from the screen the Task Manager tells me that they are still running.

(5) Many files hang partway through execution. Even Anti-Malware stopped partway through after scanning for many hours.

I considered the problem to be with Microsoft Office so have been trying to fix that program for many days now. I finally gave up and considered uninstalling Office but on the off-chance decided to uninstall Ant-Malware instead because the problems had occurred since installing it.

My computer is now back to normal with none of the problems mentioned above occurring.

If my version of Anti-Malware was freeware, I would just avoid it. However, I have a subscription for multiple years so need to re-install it.

Therefore, I am requesting your assistance.



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