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Removing an IMCP rule in Online Armor Free Edition

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Today I was looking through my Online Armor logs and I noticed the following entry, repeated multiple times:

30/08/12 03:50:59 ICMP -> Destination unreachable(Network unreachable error)

Blocked by ICMP rule

After further research, I realized that is OpenDNS's server, and the primary DNS server I have listed in my network connection settings. Because this may slow down my Internet browsing, I looked through Online Armor and could not find a "IMCP" tab as referred to in the Online Armor Help documents. Is there an alternative way to allow this connection?

Thank you,


Edit: I get the same message in the log for a connection to, another DNS server (DNS Advantage) I have listed.

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ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is related to pings and traceroutes, and blocking it shouldn't cause a problem with using OpenDNS. If you want to change how Online Armor treats ICMP packets, then you will need to put Online Armor into Advanced Mode.

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