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Should I disable the WIndows XP firewall when using Online Armor?

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I of of the understanding that runnning two firewalls at the same time is not a good idea as the two may compete and take up more resources that necessary or cause some other issues.

If I install the Online Armor firewall should I disable the built in Windows XP firewall?

If yes, would just set the Windows Firewall Service Startup to Disabled or is there something more to do?

Windows XP SP3

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I think the installer of Online Armor already takes care of disabling the built in firewall.

Yes, it should automatically disable the Windows Firewall, as the Windows Firewall is not compatible with third-party firewalls.

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So I got one "I think" and one "It should"!

I am not asking for myself... I am working to help someone else and wanted to be sure that if they are using Online Armor, the XP firewall is also not running so there is not competition or combat between the two...

Thanks for the input.


Online Armor disables the Windows Firewall (by default).

Though, if you'd find any issue with having both enabled - please feel free to report it.

Thank you in advance,

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