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a2cmd.exe /updatebeta Questions


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The v7b a2start.exe is unstable on my system as reported in the Customer Center and emails to [email protected] and [email protected]

I have disabled Updates and created to run every 30 minutes a Scheduled Task a2cmd.exe /updatebeta which is documented in /? as "Update Malware signatures (beta)".

I found this did a nice job of updating not only the sigs and BDs but the .dat files as well. And I thought this might provide freedom from the hard coded default without notification or user input program update downloads and then alerts for restart/reboot.

I decided to run one manually as a2cmd.exe /updatebeta /log=path\name.log at 12:27 PM MST (UTC -7)

In the log I found a multitude of lines like this:

(Emsisoft URL removed) 7.0 filename.zip Resource Module and descriptors the likes of Main application including scanner and configuration

I would attach the file but I haven't fully scrutinized it so don't know how much is specific to my account and system.

I have since come to read the on-line docs: "If a2cmd is used as a part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, only the update function of Emsisoft Anti-Malware should be used."

1) That is confusing; does it mean:

a) If EAM is installed, /update (or /updatebeta) is the ONLY a2cmd parameter that should be used or

b) if EAM is installed, then only "Update now" in the Security Status UI sould be used?

2) Based on the log above, did I miss a beta update? (An immediate run of "Update now" from Security Status reported as all up-to-date.)

3) Otherwise, does a2cmd.exe /updatebeta update ONLY the signatures and .dat files?

4) Otherwise, if I see in the forum Changelogs a new "Beta updates," can I run an "Update now" from Security Status to apply program updates even though the command line update has been running for a while?

5) Does /log= overwrite or truncate the existing .log file?

Thank you!

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If you run a2cmd.exe from the anti-malware installation folder, it basically executes a regular update of anti-malware. That includes updating all signatures and program parts.

If a2cmd is run standalone from another folder it updates only the signatures and program parts of a2cmd with optional beta update tree.

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That clears up quite a bit.

Fortunately I finally identified an Intel service that's been the cause of all the v6 & v7b a2start issues on my new spec built i7/Z77 box. I stopped it about 36 hours ago and there hasn't been a glitch since. Same service is running on my Gateway/Asus i5/HM65 laptop with no issues, but it's an earlier version dating back to last November. I'll have to keep an eye on it when it goes to v7.

Sysinternals' Process Monitor was instrumental in getting that nailed down.


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