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Cannot see network drive while OA is running

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OS = Win7. My Iomega network drive and my desktop dell are both plugged into a Cisco network switch that is connected to my router. While OA is running I cannot see my network drive. My workaround, of course, is to turn off OA when I need to access the drive, but this is clumsy and time consuming. I cannot figure out how to allow the drive.

Any suggestions?

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then please change the status of your network drive connection. Probably you need the MAC address of your network drive. Mostly this data are printed on the hardware case. Then right-click the entry with this MAC address in Online Armor section Firewall/Computers and change it to "Trust" in the context menu.

Your network drive is working?

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Yes, that worked fine; I can see the network drive in the file manager now. Thank you very much for the help.

FYI, the drive MAC address was not on the case. I found the network drive IP address by shutting down OA, ran a network discovery, then copied the IP address from the network mapping in the left pane of Windows Explorer. Restarted OA and changed the entry with that IP to "Trust" and the problem cleared up. Thank you again for the help.

mickery, Florida, USA

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