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Emsisoft Anti-Malware Enterprise

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Has anyone been able to get Enterprise to work? every client I've tried it one it will detect the computers allow me to select deploy or scan but fails within seconds. "saying access denied". I know i have all the domain name, user name and passwords correct. Any idea's?



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This is what i get when trying to scan with enterprise

HostJob[2] failed with the following message: FAILED to set scan settings (System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[A2Enterprise.Entities.Errors.ServerError])

at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.ExecuteOperationSteps(List`1 steps)

at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass3.<Run>b__0()

at A2Enterprise.Impersonation.Impersonator.Execute[TError](Action action, Entity entity, Func`2 errorBuilder, Identification[] identifications)

at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.Run(Object state)

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Hi Caleb,

We are currently working hard on finishing a new build of the Enterprise Console to support Anti-Malware v7.

It seems that the issues you experience are related to this.


Frank Huisman

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