OA++ Conflict with Netgear USB Adapter

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My daughter has gone off to university with her Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop (about 4 years old) on which is loaded Online Armor ++. (I have a license for her from last December for OA Premium and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, but I've never had a chance to install them.) Her Online Armor is probably about 1-1/2 years old at this point.

Her laptop wasn't receiving wifi well, so I sent her a Netgear G54/N150 USB Adapter. This adapter plugs in like a tiny flash drive and gives her wireless "N" which her computer didn't have before. She took it to her university's tech support to install. It installed fine, but they say that it only works with Online Armor turned off. I asked them to check the OA history to see if something was blocked. They said there was nothing blocked in history, but that OA was blocking packets.

(They also said that the university doesn't support Online Armor, and they want to install all sorts of Symantec products on her computer for free. Sigh...)

So at at the moment, Online Armor is turned off and she is using Windows XP SP3's firewall.

My daughter is not interested in firewalls or computers, she just wants the wifi to work. So she is likely to do whatever her university's tech people tell her to do.

If I were there, I feel I could probably solve this within a minute or two, but perhaps not. She will be coming home for a few days next week, and I will look at her computer then.

Has anyone had a similar problem with Online Armor and a wifi adapter. What should I check first when she comes home?


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My guess is that OA blocks some "unknown" to it program from accessing the net (and this program needs net access to provide the laptop with wireless connection ;))

However, it's hard to say without additional info (logs, for example) ;)

Please come back when you'll be able to get the info and I will try to help you with the issues.

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While you wrap up the info for Andrey, I'm just gonna jump in here with my 2¢ because I've run into a situations like this.

Have your daughter open the Programs screen in OA++, select Hide trusted (at the bottom) and make sure there's nothing in there that's associated with the Netgear stuff for that adapter. Allow and Trust them if there are.

Then get together with the university support folks again and with OA++ running have them look at the Trusted states of the items under Firewall > Rules > Interfaces and Firewall > Rules > Computers. Have them look at allow and restricted settings in Firewall > ICMP and Firewall > Restricted Ports.

I can't make any suggestions on what to tweak as I have no knowledge of their LAN, but if they can't figure out that relatively simple stuff and get that Netgear online, in no way should you let them do anything else to your daughter's computer. But I think you know that already.

Otherwise OA++ with Firewall - off (in System Status) should run OK with Windows Firewall which will allow the Antivirus, Web Shield, Program Guard and Anti-Keylogger to continue on.

FYI: OA++ supports ceases at the end of the year; no more AV signature or engine or threat data updates. I'm still weeping over that...

Good luck.

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You're welcome. But considering that the Netgear works when OA++ isn't running suggests it's a simple configuration issue and you're not going to get much traction in resolving it without being connected to their LAN. In my experience with many consumer grade software firewalls within commercial and public service LANs, it has always been an issue of elevating trust for a computer or gateway, removing a restriction from a port or allowing an ICMP function. Any support personnel properly trained in their LAN build should be able to effect connectivity within a few minutes.

IMHO, next week will be a good time to get your daughter's system up and running with Emisoft Anti-Malware and the Windows firewall. Cheers!

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