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Banking Mode and trial versions


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Can anyone tell me if the Banking Mode is working like it used to now? Are you still able to access any web site while you're in Banking Mode? I have been using the free version since my subscription expired around July. I can't use the trial version and see for myself if it is working now. I had tried an updated trial version in hopes that the Banking Mode had been fixed several months ago but it wasn't so I stuck with the free one. Today, I downloaded version hoping since it was a new version, I could use the trial version in hopes again of the Banking mode being repaired. But, it didn't work. I kept getting the "trial expired" message so I had to go back to the free version. Are we not allowed to try newer versions when we have tried an older version before? I thought maybe since it was version 6, etc., that maybe it would work but apparently, I was wrong. I would like try the Premium version before I purchase it and see for myself if it has been repaired. How long do we need to wait before we can use the "trail" versions?

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