EAM 6 & 7 start scheduled scan on top all other windows

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When I first bought this product one of the two things that annoyed me and still does with the latest V7 is that when my scheduled scan starts each morning the scan windows pops up right on top of whatever I am doing. Why can't we just get a small pop-up in the notification area that says "Running Scheduled Scan" or some such thing? Why does it have to pop-up over the window I am in the middle of working on? Very annoying.

The other issue-- and I see it posted in a few places besides my own is the fact we can not just right click on a safe quarantined item and select something like "Move to white-list"? It takes two or three steps now to get a file white-listed making it much more difficult than it needs to be. I can't believe your beta testers missed that one.

I'd love to see these simple changes made to the next version's GUI. Thanks!

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Have you tried selecting the option for silent mode? Pleas see the screenshot below (if it is too small, then you can click on it to make it bigger):

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