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1736 - Programs Tab and related..

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1. I always try to index the program entries by the "Program name" column, as it indicates the actual file names in Explorer. But OA always tries to index by "Name" column.Even in the same session , after minimising and maximising it is back to the Name indexing. I think the user defined choices stayed put in earlier versions. Can you bring that back please..

2. Why is the green border not seen in some applications like Adobe pdf, webcam, eventhough made to run safe. Ofcourse FF and IE show the green border when running safe.

3. If a runsafe program (say Firefox) is upgraded, though OA displays the message that something has changed in a earlier allowed program , the option of "Runsafe"with the automatic tick as it is a continuation is unavailable?

4. I run a p2p application DCPlusPlus. For some reasons I do not want to trust it but have allowed all other requests.. But during every start of the application OA always puts up an alert (sometimes as DC++ has changed or as if a new program DC++ wants to start).The only things that could have changed was the download file queue size and the share size.Wonder why the signature of the program is not confirmed by OA

5. Duplicate cleaner 3.0.1 is not whitelisted though the earlier 2x was trusted by OA.

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