Cant connect to comps in a workgroup with OA installed

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there are 2 PC-s in my LAN, a laptop with XP prof X86 SP3 and a PC wiht X64 Win7 Ultimate (also runs OA) and after installing OA on the XP machine I was not able to connect them to each other. So I uninstalled OA and both comps see each other again. I also tried to disable the firewall first, in case it blocks some necessary ports, but it aint helped. Any ideas ?

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So far I managed to get the connection working in one direction, that is outbound from the XP machine. I found out that the OA firewall blocks some ports, if I disable it everythings ok, but if I turn it on the connection is lost.I enabled these ports:

and after that the outbound connections started to work (tho I enabled the ports in both directions) and I also tried to enable these:

but no use. I still cant reach the shared files on the XP comp from the Win7, tho I see the machine it in the explorer window, but when double click on its icon it says that Windows cannot access the computer.

Ive also read this topic:

but I have to say that I dont see any computers in the firewalls rules tab. I also checked the history for blocked incoming connections but it shows nothing.

Any suggestions ?


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