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CPU Performance settings

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Online Armor allows setting a limit on how much CPU is to be dedicated to given program and also allows setting a CPU affinity. I'm currently running Windows 7 32bit, a system that is suppose to support this future.

I tried limiting CPU power to 10% for conversion program Handbrake (handbrake.exe and handbrakeCLI.exe) to see if this works, but I saw no change in how much CPU was used.

I also tried to set affinity to CPU1 for Windows Calculator, with no result. I then used program called RunFirst to do the same and it worked.

This raises the question: Are those future working correctly or there is something else I'm missing?

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Thanks, I thought about this (creating a bug report) but decided that I would rather get some more information first because it is possible that I just missed or misunderstood something :)

Don't hesitate to submit bug reports ;)

If it'd appear to be not a bug - I'll tell you anyways when closing the report ;)

But generally - if a feature is not working as expected - there should be a bug report ;)

Thanks in advance,

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