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Online Armor blocking everything

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HI, I just installed Windows 8 Pro for the first time on my PC.

After sorting out some problems with the Video drivers constantly blue screening the PC, everything has been going fine.

After installing Avast antivirus, my next step was to install the latest free version of Online Amror.

However, after doing this, no applications will run at all while OA is running. I can get exporer, and that's about it.

Any other applications (including Internet Explorer) will simply refuse to work. Even some of the settings in Control Panel will not work!

Closing down Online Armor resolves the problem and the system will work agaiin.

I made sure Windows Firewall was off before Starting OA (I can't alter it's settings while OA is running), I have tried turning the Firewall, Web Shield, Program Guard all off, I have tried learning mode, but still no applications will run while OA is running.

Any ideas on what I might be able to do to sort this out?

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While waiting for Emsisoft representative:

1. Can you tell us if OA history log shows anything when you try to launch applications ? Kernel events, Program Guards notifications etc.

2. You could enable debug mode in Online Armor (Options General Enable debug mode). Restart your PC and then run some programs refusing to start. Those logs might help to determine what is going on. Remember to disable debug mode after that. Logs you created are stored in Online Armor installation directory in /Logs folder. Someone from Emsisoft could ask you for those later on.

From what you describe here it looks like for some reason OA have trouble getting a response from user (i.e. it didn't show any pop-ups; some error in communication between OA components exists etc.) and is blocking any application from starting by default, except for those essential for computer operation/whitelisted.

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