Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit difficulty

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Recently my Emsisoft Anti-Malware application detected some viruses and I went to the "Help. My computer is infected" forum. It indicates that I have to run

Download to your Desktop:

- Emsisoft Emergency Kit

  • UnZip Emsisoft Emergency Kit to a folder on your Desktop named EEK

I am able to download the EEK but I not know how to unzip it to a folder I create on my Desktop. Suggestions?


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Hi MitchFlys,

Open the folder that you downloaded EEK to and then right click and choose "Extract all". In the dialog that appears, click the "Browse" button, then click on "Desktop". Then click the "Make new folder" button, name it "EEK" and click OK. Now click the "Extract" button. There should now be an EEK folder present on your desktop with the Emsisoft Emergency Kit files inside it (or if you leave the option on the previous dialog to "Show extracted files when complete" ticked, then the EEK folder you created will be opened automatically for you after extraction is complete).

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Thanks for the quick reply! I'm at work now and not in front of my computer at home so I probably should have waited. However, from what I recall, the downloaded to my "Download" folder (along with other stuff I downloaded). When I double click on it and press "Extract all", it unzips and even shows the EmsisoftEmergencyKit.bat file that the directions tell me to double click and run but when I do that it won't allow me to do it. I'll be home in a couple of hours and will follow your instructions exactly and then post exactly what message appears (unless it runs fine and I'll post that as well). Sorry for posting too quickly. I guess I was just excited about getting a solution. I'll post later on this evening after following your directions. Thank you very much!

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